Our Team

EPAGESTORE is a one of the leaders in Web Designing and Development. Since its inception in 2010, it has established an impressive track record in all facets including designing, development, marketing and everything else. Our team consists of resourceful and dynamic employees for every task and they’ll be there to support, help and guide you with all and any aspects of every project, be it web designing and development, mobile application development, graphic design, web marketing or web hosting. We are experts in php development, open source customization, Facebook application development and also provide software solutions. EPAGESTORE has been involved in doing internet marketing for many businesses all around the world. Our team has personnel with an experience of 6 years and above in the iOS, Android and eCommerce web development fields.

Web Design Team

With our team of professionals and experienced personnel we guarantee that you’ll get the desired productivity. Our implementation of latest technology will also provide user friendly and easy-to-operate+ understand applications. Our team consists of a group of experts who work together interdependent on each other and coordinating with each other as well as the clients at every stage in order to meet the purpose and objectives of each client. We create a friendly environment for our employees to work in, which ensures the success of the task at hand. This also increases the work and personal satisfaction, fulfillment and comfort level of the employees, which motivates them to give their best. All of them are able to work to the best of their abilities in our forthcoming environment, making the entire team surface as a dynamic and unwavering one.

Website Development Team

We at EPAGESTORE only take people who are dedicated and focused towards the development of a business, as we believe that commitment is a major attribute in a team member for being able to give his best. One needs to market their business for its development and success, this can be achieved only through easy access and reachability to clients worldwide, and in this tech savvy world, internet is probably the cheapest and easiest way to reach out to your clients and also expand your customer base. So how do you achieve this? It’s quite simple. An eye-catching, structured and well-designed website will attract a lot of visitors to your online portal, and these visitors are your potential customers who can be converted into loyal life-time consumers. And, this is where we, EPAGESTORE comes in. Our main objective is to bridge the gap between the regular individual and the awareness attained to construct a website.

Apps Development Team

All the needs and requirements of your business will be covered under this one umbrella called EPAGESTORE as we provide all services from iPhone application development, iPad application development, Android application development, web designing, internet marketing, ecommerce, pay per click, and logo design to search engine optimization.